Fallout 4 – Sound Technician – Synthesis – 2015

10 novembre 2015

French localization : voice over cleaning, in collaboration with Synthesis France.

All right reserved to the publishers and developpers of the original products.

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  1. Adrien dit :

    Congratulations for this amazing work !
    I can’t wait to play Fallout. I’ll be looking for great french voices now ;)

  2. Filou dit :

    Nice nice nice ! The hunt will begin soon…niark niark !

  3. Steve dit :

    Nice work, Aurore!! Did you mix this, or just do the sound design? Very nice work…

  4. Antoine Davis dit :

    Great job Aurore! I am buying the game for my son for Christmas and now I can tell him that I know someone who has worked on the game as well. :)


  5. Hosting dit :

    I also found it interesting studying some of the sound implementation throughout, such as randomised pitching on certain sound effects so that they are not repeated the same way each time. For effects like discovering caps and picking up scrap, the randomisation becomes a necessity because they are sounds we hear so often. This is something some sound designers occasionally overlook, but I feel it is a vital consideration for sound effects that are going to be heard repetitively.

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